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What to Expect From National Safety Month

Posted on: June 1st, 2015 | Posted in: National Safety Month

Safety is a concern for everyone, but risks are significantly increased within the manufacturing industry. Approximately 34 percent of deaths occur in a labor intensive job (such as manufacturing due to a fall), according to the United States Department of Labour and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, while 9.8 percent occur from being struck by an object, 8.1 percent by electrocutions, and 1.6 percent by being caught in-between.

As you can see, it is that much more important to engage employees about the importance of safety within the workplace of a company using heavy machinery. To raise awareness, each June, National Safety Month is celebrated as an opportunity to bring everyone’s attention to the safety measures which need to be taken.

The theme this year is Safety: It takes all of us. Each week throughout the month, it’s important to look at a different sub-theme and educate people on the role that they play in maintaining the safety of their surroundings. One example of a needed focus is ensuring that anyone who enters a plant at any time, will be safe. With focus, we hope to continue to reduce the occurrences of all types of accidents.

While safety should be practiced every day of the year, the month of June will bring a focused effort to proactively identifying potential hazards, understanding the risks and taking steps toward prevention. It is a time to put increased effort into coming up with creative solutions to make the workplace a safer environment. Stay tuned to learn more about Production Materials’ safety practices in our next blog.

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