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The Need to Better Accommodate Automated Production Systems

More and more in our daily business, we work with customers who make use of automated robotic equipment. Given the new demands being placed on American manufacturing, the resurgence in the need for domestic production capacity, and the shortage of well-trained American factory workers to fill the fill the hundreds of thousands of unfilled industrial sector jobs across this country; it’s a matter of necessity that companies remain globally competitive by integrating robotic systems to help make their goods. But what often gets left out of the discussion is the need for supply chains to accommodate the qualitative inspection and packaging services to highly automated manufacturers’ needs.

For example, a customer uses robotic assembly to put parts together to form a product. The fact that things are automated proves – in one sense at least – to be a double-edged sword. On the plus side, when the parts are per the company’s specifications, the products can be assembled rapidly, with little human intervention. On the down side, if even one or two parts don’t meet the exacting specifications of a given client’s component design, there can be huge delays in the production process, since the entire assembly or machining line usually shuts down.

At PMI, we welcome business with all kinds of manufacturers. But in order to better meet the needs of automated assembly customers, we’ve added electronic sorting to our array of secondary solutions. Vision systems scan for specific imperfections (excess burrs, overextended lengths, etc.) to separate the defective components from the workable parts. Once the sorting process is complete, we ship the parts back to our customer: defect-free, and ready for seamless integration into the automated production system.

Call us or contact us today if your company could use a helping hand in sorting out these types of automation issues.

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