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Why STEM Is Vital to Creating Engineers of the Future

From LEGO’s latest creations to National Engineering Week, it seems STEM education and the future of U.S. manufacturing is a big topic of discussion. Because we work on a regular basis with engineers, we understand the importance of these professionals and their role in the future, so we wanted to share our thoughts on the importance of STEM initiatives.

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are core principles in manufacturing, and engineering is the backbone of the whole product cycle. If America is going to continue to be strong in manufacturing, the process begins by getting younger people interested in these types of backgrounds.

In our business, the interaction with engineers begins when a customer requests a specific product or service, and once that customer communicates their need, it’s the engineer that has to take that concept and put it on a print that describes what is ultimately to be manufactured.

Companies we interact with that have engineers that are not only creative but are flexible in their thinking and have a clear understanding of the big picture are those that tend  to be the most successful. Engineers help form the backbone of a dynamic company and industry, and we need to promote a strong belief in STEM education to ensure a successful future growth pattern.

Before you head over to our website to learn more about our business, check out the video below on the value of investing in STEM education:

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