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Speed and Reliability: the Cornerstones of the Competent JIT Supply Chain

Posted on: February 11th, 2013 | Posted in: JIT delivery

There’s a reason why books like Getting Things Done become instant best-sellers in America, and there’s likewise a reason why most 3G mobile users can’t wait for the day when they can upgrade to swifter 4G networks: we are a nation perpetually on the fast-track, and by fast we mean ASAP. In a business such as ours, that of providing parts and components for manufacturing applications of all different kinds, having a rapid, reliable critical lead time is an absolute, make-or-break must. Here’s the thing: a lot of companies focus on either speedy turnarounds, or possessing reliable inventory, but rarely are they able to focus on both. In order for a company like Production Materials to attract and retain clients, we simply can’t ignore either of two qualities, speed or inventory reliability. The reason we have performed so well in both these fields is our painstaking mastery of the modern principal of Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery.

JIT Delivery is a process first developed in Japan where in-process inventory and carrying costs get reduced by means of Kanban, or “visual signals,” that let a manufacturer or supplier know when a particular component for an application has been completely delivered to its appropriate destination, and that it’s time for a new component to begin being produced and/or supplied. Consequently, warehouse space and costs get saved, and components get implemented into their applications in a much more streamlined fashion.

Case in point: quite recently, a major international company (its focuses being mainly in automotive and electronics) needed electric components delivered to a job-site on the East Coast. Production Materials was asked to supply a certain and significant number of components and have them delivered within a rapid timeframe. Employing a JIT delivery strategy pre-set with the factory, we were able to receive the requisite components in such a way that the internal processing time for inspection and special packaging was invaluable. The customer received its components quickly and in exact order. Needless to say, our client saved both money and time in relying on our services.

To see how our JIT services can be utilized for your own company’s benefit, please contact us today at Production Materials, Inc.

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