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Resourceful Organization, Parts Rationalization is an Important Part of Manufacturing

As manufacturing transitions its way into a new age, an adjustment period is necessary. Those who have been in business for decades—much like Production Materials—are working on perfecting automation systems and keeping up with the latest trends. But for many businesses, re-evaluating the present is equally as important as looking forward, which is why parts rationalization is critical in the manufacturing industry.

It unstable economic times, especially, it’s often feasible to simplify purchasing inventory and production by looking for part commonality and consolidation. As part of our quotation process, we evaluate our customers’ specifications and offer a “standard” lower cost alternative. We also look through the customers’ portfolio of parts we sell them and make recommendations for possible consolidation.

Going a step further, we’ve noticed an increase of manufacturers aiming to create one solid templated product to embrace. Instead of creating hundreds of individual pieces and parts for a machine, one uniform product can fit all. This means one part can do the job of three separate components, and companies can order these in bulk rather than ordering the bits and pieces when needed.

It’s clear manufacturers are becoming more resourceful with their purchasing, and we’re happy to help out. For more information on our components, contract packaging and secondary operations, head over to our website
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