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How to Get ISO Certified

Getting ISO certified takes time and commitment, although it will result in improving your company. There are a number of reasons to get ISO certified, such as: improve the operations process, increase customer satisfaction, save money by increasing efficiency while reducing waste, give clear expectations to employees, promote quality, and make a statement about your organization’s commitment to continuous improvement.

After talking with clients, Production Materials decided to get ISO certified since it’s one of the best ways for companies to let their customers and employees know they are committed to adhering to high quality standards. The process of getting ISO certified starts with deciding what resources are required. Then, all processes and work procedures must be documented to align the company’s goals with ISO quality standards.

The next step is to train all employees on the new standards, to ensure everyone fully comprehends the new system and begins to implement the new standards. After training is completed, your company needs to find a registrar that can review documentation if necessary, help to improve the overall process, and answer any questions. Registrars will proceed to certify the company as ISO complaint. All literature, letterheads and even your websites should be updated to reflect this certification.

Yearly audits will be established to ensure compliance and identify areas for improvement. When the auditor comes they want to make sure the company is doing what it says it does. It’s important to have training records, any customer feedback recorded, and inspection records on hand for the auditor to look at. It’s a good idea for companies to do a dry run at least a couple weeks before the actual audit to allow time for any necessary adjustments.

Along with the many benefits of getting the ISO certification comes an understanding of the company’s commitment to being a leader in their industry with your employees, suppliers and customers.

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Posted on: September 14th, 2015 | Posted in: Quality

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