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Illinois Manufacturing Facts

Manufacturing in Illinois is alive and well. Recent total manufacturing output from Illinois was $92.4 billion with the industry’s share of gross state product at 13.3%. The state is responsible for the production of a range of products from machinery and chemicals to food, beverage and computer products. In 2011, machinery manufacturing accounted for over $16 billion of the total manufacturing output of the state. The industry also provides well-paying jobs to the residents of the state, averaging over $78,000 annually and over $20,000 more than the average non-farm payroll job. Additionally, 9.3% of the workforce in Illinois is employed in the manufacturing industries, with employed individuals at almost 600,000 by 2011.
The manufacturing industry in Illinois is not only vital to the economy of the state, but also the nation. Manufacturing’s share of Illinois exports is 93%, and employment due to the export of manufactured goods from Illinois is 284,300. Goods manufacturing in Illinois are not only exported to states, but globally. Exports with free-trade partners (FTA) exceeded $35.8 billion in 2011 and accounted for 56.5% of total exports from the state. International exports support many of the jobs in the state, with almost 285,000 jobs associated with the export of products from the state. Large companies are not the only exporters. In fact, 90.3% of Illinois exporters are small business (2011).
Illinois will continue to be a hub for manufacturing, and its economy will be deeply connected to the growth of various manufacturing sectors. In this context Production Materials continues to support manufacturing in the state by sourcing a significant portion of our primary and secondary product requirements through many of the small and medium size businesses that provide employment and revenues to the local and state economy.

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Posted on: April 13th, 2015 | Posted in: manufacturing

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