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Options for Safer Products

At Production Materials, we pride ourselves on supplying safety oriented products. So, with this in mind, we have decided to share information on two types of safety items: earthquake proof anchors and high grade steel bolts.

Quake Resistant Bolts

We serve industries that endure geographic anomalies. One such place is California, which requires quake resistant bolts due to being located near fault lines. We provide products that will be able to withstand the numerous challenges that buildings may face in those areas—we supply anchor bolts that are built to withstand earthquakes. These bolts anchor into concrete floors, or specially made material, to help make storage systems “quake resistant.”

High Strength Steel Bolts

In addition, we provide bolts in higher strong steel, which offer a higher level of protection against wear and load fluctuations. In addition, corrosion resistant finishes can be added for even greater reliability. The strong steel helps agricultural and construction businesses meet the end user’s safety requirements. Where required, our products will be tested to meet the safety standards of UL and CSA.

We strongly believe that safety should be practiced all throughout the year, not only in the procedures we follow, but in the products that we use to build our homes and work environments. Doing business with Production Materials Inc., gives you options in getting the materials that help improve the safety level for your products and for your customers.

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Posted on: January 12th, 2015 | Posted in: manufacturing

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