Diesel-electric powered machines have acquired, by now, a long history. Diesel-electric technology has been incorporated everywhere from locomotives (making them more fuel efficient) to submarines (making them quieter and harder to detect by sonar). But now it seems that diesel-electric power is coming to America’s heartland in the form of diesel-electric powered tractors.

Photo from Farm Industry News

Unlike the traditional gas-guzzling platforms that have threshed America’s farmlands for a century, the diesel-electric powered tractor offers a fuel-efficient, price-savvy alternative. Electrified tractors have generally more control over their subset components; a diesel-electric tractor’s coolant pump and fan can be utilized at speeds no longer dependent on the amount of fuel being consumed, thereby allowing them to perform more efficiently and with higher overall power. Furthermore, several new platforms are more accurate in their fertilizer delivery. Since their distribution mechanisms operate independently of the speed of the engine, they can apply themselves that much better to their actual task: sowing fertilizer across fields.

Several diesel-powered tractors are gaining a global presence and customer-base. Being that we supply custom components and perform packaging services for the agricultural industry of America, we at Production Materials are eagerly watching these latest industry trends to see whether diesel-electric power is here to stay.

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