Sometimes a blog entry requires its sequel. People don’t like to leave things hanging in mid-air; they want to know conclusively how a particular initiative, job, or market is now progressing. People want status updates. 
Several months ago, we were given approval to expand a vendor management program for a major company in the grooming industry. At that point, we’d just established our reputation with the company, having performed well in Phase One, where we kept in stock four significant parts for their production cells. Anytime they needed a certain new number of parts for their factory, we supplied them with a bin rotation system. Meanwhile, we tracked the number and types of parts we handled. We did our job so well that the company decided to let us handle even more of its “inventory supermarket”, assigning us with storing, tracking, and providing 15 additional parts.
As time goes by, our client has grown ever more attuned to the advantages offered by our part management services. We started out handling the specific parts of a specific robotic cell, but now they’re adding on new facets to the program never originally conceived of. The quality of our services have been such that the grooming company has recently decided to add electrical wire parts, rubber components, and plastic items to the list of resources we manage for them. Our computerized inventory management and timely delivery have served our client well, adding significantly to their overall profit.
We’ve begun preliminary fact-finding with other companies to implement our “inventory supermarket” program with. As the year ticks along, more vendors seem to be climbing onboard. I guess they know a good thing when they see it.

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