At PMI, we know a thing or two about fielding highly specific, technical questions from our customer base. When we learn of a client who is having trouble with a particular product, not only do we try to come up with the right corrective solution, but we also present the solution using the most cost-effective means we know how.Spraying Crops- Production Materials

An example of this occurred quite recently. Previously, we had supplied special screws to a client of ours. The screws were used to assemble commercial hose-reels that would in turn be placed on spray-trucks. These trucks would then drive across miles and miles of uneven farmland, spraying crops with chemical or water solution.
Everything looked good on paper. We supplied the screws per the specifications our customer had indicated in their blueprint. Yet something wasn’t entirely right. When the spray-trucks would advance across jaunty terrain, the screws in the hose-reels would rattle, and even sometimes come loose. Fearing that they might be looking at replacing an entire hose-reel system, our client came back to us, hoping for a possible solution.
Straightaway, we examined the screw samples our customer had presented us with. We quickly realized the client wouldn’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money in order to redesign their entire hose-reel system. Instead, the only thing that needed doing was to provide a way for the very same screws not to come loose. To that end, we put thread-locking patch onto each screw, and sent them back to the client. After putting the screws through a vibration test, their engineers could attest that the screws would no longer come loose in the various applications.
This might be one of the reasons the same clients keep coming back to us for repeat jobs. It’s not just what we produce or assemble for them. It’s the reasoned, carefully-assessed solutions we provide.

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