Everyone who watched on TV as Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans will have these images forever seared in their memory: polluted water overflowing the banks of levees, aerial shots of flooded residential districts, desperate reports of hospitals operating on emergency generators – the list goes on and on.  This summer, when Hurricane Isaac barreled its way into Louisiana, people were naturally worried that another disaster was in the making. Fortunately, this didn’t happen. The new $15B U.S. Army Corps of Engineers levee system, put into place post-Katrina, stood its ground. The levees didn’t break. New Orleans endured days of severe weather, but came out of them strong and intact.

It could have been a different story, of course. If emergency electrical generators hadn’t ensured that power and pumping stations stayed operational throughout the downpour and 80 mph winds, the waters could have done a lot more damage. A LOT more damage. Americans might have woken to a new natural disaster inflicted on a state that has already seen far too many.

Production Materials was part of the emergency effort to sustain New Orleans’ levee system during Hurricane Isaac. Time and again during the days-long storm, we delivered rush-job components for power generator sub-assemblies. Our timely delivery of components allowed for new generators to be built to meet the escalating demand. If we and other companies hadn’t put our collective shoulder to the wheel when it counted most, this might never have been the case…

Our fast turnaround time and our ability to stock critical components have proven their value yet again. We are proud to help out people in times of need: our work during Hurricane Isaac speaks for itself. Here’s hoping we never have to do it again.

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